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Fear Street - Broken Hearts

This is a super chiller (oo00oooOoo0ooOOooooh) and it's like over 200 pages long so I'm hoping it's good. Plz God be good.

That cover tho. I'm loving the pink denim jacket this girl is rocking. U go girl. On the inside of her locker is a broken heart and threatening message... Written in blood!!!!! Just tricking I'm sure it's paint. Surely. This girl has a pretty clean locker though. Much cleaner than mine ever was. Those posters are horrible though, they need to go honey.
And the tag line is great. "Valentine's Day can be a killer!" Ugh it's so unoriginal I love it. A lot of these books have similar tag lines actually.
Anyway let's read!

The book starts off with a prologue set 5 months before the rest of the book. Were introduced to the McLain sisters, 16 year old twins Josie and Rachel, who call themselves the Un-twins because they're so different (gay), and 14 year old Erica.
Ok. So Josie is the slutty twin and Rachel is the nicer one. Which doesn't make sense because the way they're described it seems like it should be the opposite way around. Rachel is always keeping up with the latest trends and is beautiful and used to getting what she wants whereas Josie always wears jeans and T-shirts even though she spends a lot of time on her tan. Ok? Erica is sick of being treated like a baby by her sisters yet comes across as a sooky little bitch anyway. She's excited to be starting shadyside high with her sisters though.
Ok so the girls are off to horse stable to ride some horses with Josie's best friend Melissa who is always really nice to Erica btw. Rachel and Melissa both have boyfriends who they've dated for ages and Josie is just disgusted by this because she's a slut. She's planning on breaking up with her boyfriend of a month, maybe for the stable guy because he's suuuuuper cute hehe. Rachel has trouble with her saddle so gets Josie to help her put it on. Erica chickens out of riding the horse because she's a sook, so Melissa and the twins go on without her. Rachel hates helmets so doesn't wear hers. Uh oh. On the track, Rachel's horse won't slow down and then a dog jumps in front of it from out of no where (!!!) scaring the shit out of the horse and causing Rachel and her saddle to fly off. Rachel lands on her head, which results in Josie non stop screaming "SHE LANDED ON HER HEAD!!!!" Settle. End of prologue.

It's 5 months later now and Melissa has just woken up from a recurring nightmare about riding a horse that won't stop! Boring. We find out Rachel is still alive but it sounds like she's got some brain damage. Melissa tells her mother her and Josie aren't friends anymore because Josie blames Melissa for Rachel's accident.
Excuse you Josie, you were the one who adjusted the saddle that went flying into the air with Rachel on it. You bitch. At Josie's house, she's play fighting with her boyfriend Steve who's just mashed a snowball into her face. Hahahahaha good.
They've been together five months, which surprises me and Josie because she's such a slut. She asks herself why she hasn't got bored with him yet and wonders if it's because he brings snowballs into her house. I'm positive that's why they're still together. How thrilling!
Also her dog is named Muggy (!!?) which makes me sick. Wtf kind of name is that!? I'm cringing hardcore right now. Steve doesn't like Muggy and I can't get over that name so im thinking it will get killed. Pets always die in these stories.
Josie checks the mail and finds a nasty valentine card addressed to her. She's disgusted and decides it was sent by Jenkman (I hope that's his last name), who Josie had been dating at the time of the accident. Apparently he's still obsessed with her although I can't imagine why, Josie's a total cow. Rachel appears and strangles Josie as a joke and then laughs about it. Rachel is wearing an oversized brown corduroy jumper and in my head that looks good and I want one.
Josie snaps at Erica when she comes down stairs with Luke Because Erica should have been watching her. Luke is Rachel's boyfriend of nearly 3 years. He spends a lot of time at the McClain's. It's cute that he's stuck by her, although apparently Rachel doesn't really remember or acknowledge him. Poor Luke. I'm thinking though that Erica and Luke have something going on on the side though.
We find other that Josie has been doing less than her fair share of watching Rachel, and Erica is understandably bitter because she also has her own life to live. Steve and Josie head off to the mall even though she'd promised to watch Rachel that afternoon so Josie could study for an exam. I really hate Josie. I hope she dies.
I think Erica sent the valentine to Josie, but she thinks it was Luke, because he's really bitter about what happened to his girlfriend. Me and Luke are like the same person. We both blame Josie for the accident because she put Rachel's saddle on.... That's probably where our similarities end though. Oops.
After school on Wednesday, Erica catches up to Josie who's on her way to meet Steve. Erica needs Josie to watch Rachel that afternoon so she can dry out for something in drama club, but Josie as usual is a complete bitch and refuses. She thinks about how fug Erica is. Erica blurts out that she thinks Rachel's accident was Josie's fault. Oops. Jenkman also approaches to try and talk to Josie but she literally acts like he's not there. Dave Kinley, Melissa's boyfriend and Josie's ex, throws a snowball at her that knocks her down. Hahahahaha good. He really hates Josie. Later, Melissa and Dave see Jenkman smash a school window with a snowball and walk away, smiling to himself. Loserrrrrrrr.
Literally everyone mentioned in this chapter seems to hate Josie. I don't blame them. When Josie gets home that night she gets into an argument with Luke, who's so angry he almost attacks her with a letter opener. Whoa.
She also finds another valentine addressed to her, saying she'll be dead by Valentine's Day. I sure hope so!
Also there's intercoms in every room of the house so that if ever Rachel needs anything someone will hear her. So in bed that night Josie is awakened by Rachel calling to her over the intercom, sounding scared. When she gets to Rachel's room though, she's sound asleep. This happens twice. Spooky!
The next day Josie skipped out on watching Rachel again, of course. Jenkman calls, and we find out his first name is Jerry. Cool. Erica answers but he asks for Josie, who's not home. Then he asks Erica if Josie got his valentines (!!?!). End chapter. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.
Also at school that day, Melissa, Dave and Josie had a big maths test. Dave copied off Josie's work and she dobbed him in, naturally. He's outraged that she would do that, although I'm not sure why. They obviously don't like each other. I would have turned him in too.
So the teacher gives Dave a 0% for the test, which counts for half his grade for the class. So now he'll get kicked off the wrestling team (gay), and never get that scholarship he needs so he can go to college! He's super angry at Josie but it's his own fault.
That night Josie decides she's too upset to stay home so goes ice skating with Steve. She opens up to him about how she's feeling guilty about Rachel and it's the guilt that keeps her from spending time with her sister and doesn't Erica understand that it's hard for her? Me me me, right Josie? Bitch. I really want her dead.
She brings out another threatening valentine and is still sure they're from Jenkman. She thinks she sees someone spying on them so the pair leave. When she gets home she finds Muggy dead in the kitchen. I'm not surprised. With a name like that it was only a matter of time. Rachel and Erica come down stairs at the sound of Josie's screams, and Rachel is smiling evilly at Muggy's body.
Erica reveals that she think Luke is the murderer/person sending the valentines when she explains why it's not Jenkman, who had sent Josie 2 unmentioned funny valentines not the nasty ones. Josie accuses Erica of having a crush on Jenkman. Later, Rachel tells her twin that somebody reaaaallly hates her. And Josie is shocked. And I'm shocked that she's shocked. Tbh I'd be more surprised if Rachel had said that someone liked Josie!
This book is boring and I don't want to read it anymore. I haven't read it for 5 days and I'm dreading picking it up again. Ugh.
Ok I'm picking it up. I'm finding my page. Here goes.
The next day after school Josie and Erica head to Greetings, a new card shop in town so Josie can buy Steve a valentine as Valentine's Day is the next day! Cute. A car backfires and Josie thinks she's been shot (if only).
In the card shop Erica sees Jenkman and tries to talk to him (it's obvious she likes him now) but he goes straight for Josie who abuses him because she's a bitch. I reeeeeaaaallllly hate her. He's super angry and Erica wonders that maybe he is the stalker!
It's now Valentine's Day and Steve and Josie are at her house kissing. His lips are hot and dry and he smells like peppermint. Thanks Josie. Hot and dry lips are a common occurrence on Fear Street so I think R.L. thinks they're a turn on. But I'm super turned off. I don't think I've ever kissed anyone with dry lips. I always make sure I have Chapstick so I can avoid it. But apparently the people of Shadyside have heard of Chapstick.
The two lovers planned to go ice skating again but Josie is super scared to go out bc of all her valentines cards/death threats, including a new one which she shows Steve that says she'll die on this very day. Until Rachel keeps repeating that someone hates Josie over the intercoms and now Josie can't get out of there quicker.
That night Erica is still awake worrying about Josie, who's still not home. It's after 2am. She decides to call Steve, who tells her Josie should have been home hours ago! The pair had had a fight at the ice rink, and she'd left with a bunch of friends!
They're both all wtf and then Erica's doorbell rings. It's the police who have terrible news. Omg. Josie's been murdered! Thank you God! Dreams do come true! Now I'm starting to like this book! As their mother screams "No, not Josie! Not Josie!", which I feel like is rude bc like Erica is right there and it seems like she'd rather another daughter be killed than Josie, the police tell the family what happened to their loved one. "She had been stabbed in the back. With the blade of an ice skate. The skate was still in her back." Fuck me, don't tell them gently or anything. I feel slightly bad but it's gonna take more than that to melt my icy heart. Good riddance I say. The next morning Dave calls Melissa (remember them?) and tells him he's done something terrible. I bet it's NOT that he killed Josie. Melissa meets him at a coffee shop and he tells her he didn't kill Josie, but he did send her the death threats via valentine cards. As a joke. He told her she'd die on Valentine's Day and then she DID die on Valentine's Day! What a coincidence! The next day is Josie's funeral so Dave decides to break into her house to see if he can find the valentines of death he sent so he won't get in trouble/suspected of murder. This next part happens so suddenly though like I'm super confused. Ok so he hears a noise while rummaging through Josie's room and heads back to the stairs to leave and then cries out halfway there when he sees something and then in the next chapter he's all dazed and confused and has a bloody letter opener in his hand while Erica is bleeding and unconscious on the floor and the police are there.
The rest of the book takes place one year later and Melissa has now been dating Luke for two months, who if you remember was dating Rachel a year ago. Dave was Josie's sloppy seconds and now she's got Rachel's. Great friend Melissa! Dave was sent to a military style boarding school instead of jail because he couldn't be linked to Josie's murder and it wasn't proven that he stabbed Erica because she was attacked from behind; she didn't even press charges for this exact reason. I don't think he's responsible either.
Apparently she'd stayed home from the funeral with Rachel and heard a noise. When she stepped out of Rachel's room to investigate she was attacked.
Dave reckons he found Rachel unconscious and bleeding and was in shock, picking up the weapon without realising. I believe you Dave don't worry bub! Anyway so Melissa and Luke talk about going to a Valentine's Day ice skating party on fear lake when the day comes when they spy a valentine addressed to Melissa in the mail. A THREATENING one. Ooo0oO0OOoO00ooh!
Erica is brushing her sister's her when Rachel gets upset about Melissa being with Luke now and starts screaming about hating Melissa. The phone rings as Erica answers it. Steve is on the other end and asks Erica to the Valentine's Day ice skating party thing and Erica is super shocked and wants to go but has to decline bc she has to watch Rachel that night. Poor Erica she literally has no life.
The next day Melissa shows Luke a new threatening valentine and she goes and gets a letter Dave sent her so they can compare the handwriting. The deduce that Dave is sending these Valentine's too, and she's super scared bc she doesn't want to end up like Josie. Dave's mum rings and tells Melissa that Dave ran away from his boarding school and might be heading to Shadyside as he'd been talking about Melissa a lot lately. Oh shit Shaniqua!
Melissa visits Erica and tells her about Dave and the Valentines. Erica reveals she really does think Dave was the murderer and her attacker but didn't tell the police her opinion bc she couldn't be sure. Ok Erica.
She's super scared. That night, with her mum away and Rachel asleep, she hears an intruder. But it's just Luke sneaking in to leave Rachel a valentine. Ok? As Melissa tries to sleep that night after she loses in a game of scrabble with her dad by more than 400 points (omg Melissa you shit cunt lol!), someone sneaks through her window! Gasp!! It's DAVE! He knows about her and Luke and that he's back to clear his name and catch the real killer! He already has an idea of who it is but when Melissa shows him the valentines she thinks he's sent her, he's all like "now I know who the killer is! Hurrah!" And bolts out the window without informing her. I'm literally like wtf bc like she's in danger so surely you'd want to tell her who to watch out for? Goddamn it Dave. I like Melissa I don't want her to die. Even if she's shit enough to lose scrabble by 400 points. Who even plays scrabble for that long that they get a score like that?!
The next night Melissa hears a noise and sees someone running across her front yard. All she can make out is the long red hair trailing behind the figure. We know this is Rachel because it's literally written in every chapter that she has long red/coppery hair. Her parents heard the noise too and called the police, suspecting a prowler. When the police get there they inform the family of the dead teenage boy in their drive way. It's Dave!!!! Crud! The police go over to the McClain house to speak to Rachel. Erica and their mother are very protective and are adamant that Rachel can't go out by herself and needs to be watched all the time! But in comes Rachel with a jaw dropping "Yes I can! I go out all the time!" Way to incriminate yourself Rachel.
Skip ahead to Friday and school is just finished. Erica bumps into Melissa on her way to the play rehearsal and tells her the police have no leads on Dave's murder and realised Rachel couldn't have been the killer due to her disability. As Erica leaves, Melissa opens her locker to see the words "YOU'RE DEAD" and a broken heart painted on the inside of the door. WHAT?! A cover scene that's actually in the book! Yay! I wish the cover from Secret Admirer had been in that book! I really want to know how long it took Selena to notice the words on the mirror! But back to this book. It's now Sunday, Valentine's Day, at the ice skating Valentine's party. Corey Brooks and David Metcalf are there (from The New Girl, which will be reviewed at some point because I do have it somewhere!). They've been mentioned a few times in this book for some continuity. Woo. Melissa and Luke are out on the ice but she can't skate to save her life (which I'm assuming she'll need to do soon because the book is nearly over!) and she tells him to go on without her and she'll meet him at the refreshment stand later! But they're at a spot where the ice is thin and cracking. As Luke skates off, Melissa falls over again and gets up to see a hooded figure skating towards her, fast. A hooded figure holding a knife! A hooded figure with long red hair! The figure stabs her but doesn't puncture flesh on account of the big bulky overcoat Melissa is wearing. Luckyyyyy!! Melissa reaches up and yanks the hood off, along with a red wig. ERICA!!! Shit! She confesses to killing Josie and stabbing herself to frame Dave after she found out he sent the threats. She blamed Josie for ruining her life as well as Rachel's and not taking any responsibility, so she needed to die. Dave was figuring things out, like that Erica had the old Valentines to Josie and was copying his handwriting, so he needed to die. And Melissa stole Luke from Rachel, making Erica even more of a prisoner, so she needs to die. Suddenly the thin ice cracks beneath them and they plunge into the water. Luke appears and rescues Melissa and as a crowd gathers they see Erica under the ice, alive but unmoving. This part made me sad for Erica. The poor girl would rather kill herself now than to be a prisoner in her own life. The books ends with Melissa and Luke leaving a visit to Rachel three weeks later, and all seem much better now.

I really hated this book up until Josie died and I think it was because I hated Josie so much. Then it got much better! I kept changing my mind about who I thought the killer was, and Erica was a suspect a few times! But I was shocked at the big reveal anyway. One thing I don't get though is that Erica was evil enough to kill her sister, stab herself and frame Dave, but not evil enough to actually press charges and try get him sent to jail? I guess she had already avoided suspicion so it didn't matter too much.

6 dead Josie McClains with an ice skate in her back out of 10!

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