Friday, 27 January 2017

Fear Street - All Night Party

Ok so I haven't read this one in like almost ten years I reckon but I feel like I remember Cindy being an ungrateful bitch (so obviously she was my favourite character!) and it being so damn obvious who the killer is (I think I forgot but I'm sure I’ll figure it out again quickly), even to the other characters but the killer still manages to convince them otherwise! So everyone's stupid, yay. I'm anticipating a lot of anger while I read this. Woo!

Idek what to make of this cover, looks like there's an unwanted threesome about to happen front and centre while another girl clings to her partner for dear life in the back ground. Everyone's expressions are super intense I love it. 
Let's read on!

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fear Street - One Evil Summer

Thought we'd head back to Fear Street again but instead we're off to Seahaven for the Summer with protagonist Amanda Conklin! But she lives on Fear Street so I guess that's ok. 
I love this cover, but I hope the girl is suppose to be Chrissy and and not Amanda bc she looks super creepy dancing with her cat. 

Let's get into it, I'm keen!!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Nightmare Hall #14 - The Initiation

Again back to Nightmare Hall bc I enjoy them a lot!
This cover opens to find the scared looking girl (our main character, Molly) surrounded by people holding candles with menacing looks on their faces! Spooky!

Let's begin, I'm keen!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Nightmare Hall #15 - Truth or Die

Okeh guys I'm hoping to get back into posting regularly now and to help inspire me I've chosen another Nightmare Hall that I've just purchased!

Again our main character has a stupid name (it's Parrie....) and the front cover opens up to reveal a girl shining her torch at a tree that another girl is hiding behind!
Idk which one is Parrie but they're fashion is super 90s, with both wearing a business shirt under a large grandpa jumper. Cute. So smart and casual!
Let's get into it!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Be Mine - Jane McFann

So I'd never heard of this (or the author) until I bought it and then forgot about it and found it at an op shop and bought it so now I have two copies so that's cool. (Note from the future: If anyone wants a copy let me know because even one copy is too much of this piece of shit!!!!)

But I loooooooove the cover of this, mine even had a sticker on it that says "new point horror paperback". It was published in 1994. Vintage, nice! But anyway the cover looks like this book is set around Valentine's Day. Well that's the vibe I'm getting with this heart shaped box of chocolate and title. But it's not about Valentine's Day at all. Cool.
On with it!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Twisted - R.L. Stine

An R.L. Stine original before the days of Fear Street, I'm expecting great things from this book bc I froth over anything horror that involves a group of sorority sisters. I'm frothing at the mouth already. 

Me frothing at the mouth

This one doesn't even say point horror so it must be super old! I just checked and it's from 1987. Yay 80s!
The cover is boring, it's literally just a girl looking past the viewer creepily with a dark background.
Okeh. Let's read!!

Fear Street - The Switch

ONCE AGAIN SINCERE APOLOGIES FOR NOT POSTING FOR 0949349 MONTHS, uni and work is stressful and hectic and I'm annoying. But here is the first of 2 super old reviews I never got around to posting xoxox.

Revisiting Fear Street again with this one and I gotta say the cover looks intense without actually being intense at all. A blond and a brunette wearing identical clothes hold hands and glare at the viewer while a lighting bolt strikes the middle. I've never read this book before but I'm super duper excited. I hope it's good.
I pray it's good! Pray for me guys.