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Fear Street - The Confession

Back to Fear Street with this one!
I have one of the reissued versions of this book with the shiny, metallic covers (Top photo). These ones are kinda boring, all this one is is a handprint but hey I guess the original covers were outdated? Julie doesn't seem to distraught to find a dead body though, she kinda seems like she's in a musical!

This was my first ever Fear Street and I remember how amazing I thought it was and it started my obsession with these novels! I haven't read it in about 10 years so all I really remember is the basic storyline and unfortunately the ending but I won't give that away! I hope.

On with it!

Meet the crew!

Julie - our heroine!
Hillary - according to Julie, intense.
Taylor - newest member of the group, dating Sandy.
Sandy - he's no Brad Pitt!
Vincent - Julie's crush.
Al - the friend that everyone hates.

So our three girls Julie, Hillary and Taylor are all hanging out at Julie's after school discussing the upcoming party at Reva Dalby's (of Silent Night fame) house where a garage band coincidentally NAMED Garage Band and a boy band named 2Ruff4U (lol kys) will be playing! How exciting! Hillary can't decide what to wear bc if she wears long sleeves she'll get too hot while she grinds on all the boys!
Then Al bursts in and we all hate Al. He's rude, obnoxious and a creep!
And tough looking! He used to be part of our fave crew but then he started hanging with some "hard dudes" from Waynesbridge. What exactly is a "hard dude" Julie? please elaborate, Julie! She doesn't.
Since hanging with the Waynesbridge boys Al has started drinking a lot of beer. Ooh, tough guy! Julie is so lame.
Anyway he wants $20 from Julie even though he already owes her $20!
He gulps down the last of his beer and throws it in the sink and lights up a cigarette, threatening to tell Julie's mother that she smokes, before almost burning a hole into the Formica counter top. This isn't a lie, Julie does smoke! SCUM Julie, scum!
But she has no money so Al turns on Hillary, threatening to tell their science teacher she cheated on the final even though Al gave her the answers himself. Hillary gives him the $20 and Julie's mother arrives home as Al leaves, and quickly spots the beer can and cigarette on the floor, grounding Julie as a result.
And the poor dear misses Reva's party! Che disastro! A plague on Julie's mother's house! That will teach the bitch!
Anyway 2 weeks later the Hillary and Julie are heading over to Sandy's after school to meet the rest of the Scooby gang when Hillary mentions how weird Taylor and Sandy were at the party. Apparently Taylor ignored her boyfriend the whole night and flirted with every other guy, and Hillary reckons she saw her pashing some other guy, while Sandy ran around fetching her beverages and snacks all night. So Taylor's a slut and Sandy's a pushover, no big deal.
Then Hillary mentions that Al also forced her to lend him her car which she regrets. Poor Hillary!
They reach Sandy's where their friends tell them Al got suspended for getting into a fight with a boy on the wrestling team. Gay.
Julie is super smitten with Vincent but the way she describes his shoulder length rust coloured hair parted in the middle does anything but turn me on. He's also super annoying and literally everything and I mean everything is a joke or a smart ass comment and I want him dead.
Then Al rocks up! Oh no! What does the big buffoon want now?!
He just wants a beer! But Sandy doesn't have any! Uh oh. A small kerfuffle happens and Al ends up punching Sandy and knocking a tooth out, which prompts Hillary who's really strong to square up against Al. Al backs down after he realises her strength and leaves.
Later in the week Julie heads over to Vincent's to work on a lab project, wearing her sexy new spring outfit that consists of a striped sleeveless shirt and a blue pleated skirt from the sixties! Yum!
When she arrives she finds Vincent pacing back and forth in the driveway; he let Al borrow his mum's car and he still hasn't returned it, and his mum's carpool from work will be home soon!
Turns out Vincent snuck out with the car the previous week and got a speeding fine that Al witnessed, and holds against him bc Vincent doesn't want his parents to know. Cooool. So many secrets in this book I feel like I'm reading Pretty Little Liars!
Then Al returns with the car, however it's completely totalled! Goddamn it Al! Vincent goes crazy but Julie manages to pull him off Al before any more damage can happen.
Then next night, Friday,the gang are going rollerblading at the local skating rink. C0000l. Vincent is grounded so he's out, and once there Sandy and Taylor don't leave the bench, instead opting to be all over each other instead, before disappearing after a while.
Then Hillary leaves with a boy from Waynesbridge to go to a party, but Julie doesn't want to go so she continues skating.
When she decides to leave she takes the back exit that cuts through an alley, a shortcut to the bus stop. Which is where she finds All on his back, a pair of skates laced tightly around his neck with one skate jammed in his mouth. Strangled and smothered to death. Finally!
Two twins that Julie use to babysit come out as Julie examines the body and call the police thinking she's the murderer, but the police believe Julie's story and question her anyway to get some information. By the sounds of it they go over the same questions 3 times. Clingyyyyyy.
Julie accidentally blurts out how everyone hated Al, and also mentions his new tough friends from Waynesbridge which Officer Reed is super interested in! Cooooool.
A few days later the gang is at Sandy's house after the funeral where he confesses a secret: he's the one who killed Al.
But the killer is never suppose to be revealed so quickly!! What is going on?!
The gang is all in disbelief and Hillary is not impressed at all, although Sandy tells her he did it mainly for her, bc Al was causing her the most trouble. Reluctantly she agrees with the rest of the group not to turn Sandy in, however tensions and awkwardness ensues in the days afterwards.
Taylor overhears Julie and Hillary talking about how uncomfortable they are around Sandy now, which can't be good.
Walking home from school, Hillary and Julie think they're being followed but don't catch anyone out.
When they arrive at Julie's, Officer Reed is there to ask some more questions, but nothing too exciting is asked or told to him, although Julie and Hillary are simply dying to tell him the killer's identity!
When the cop leaves, they notice Sandy outside, watching them.
Fuck that!!!
He runs off when they go to confront him. Pussy!
2 days later some of the boys are shooting hoops after school when Vincent angers Sandy somehow, resulting in Sandy hurling the ball at his friend and knocking the wind out of him.
Vincent is annoying and probably made a joke about Al's death so I'm not sympathetic towards him at all. :)
But typical Julie can't believe it and rushes to her injured crush's aid. Dumb bitch.
On Saturday Julie bumps into Taylor at the movies. Super awkward.
On Monday after graduation rehearsal, at like 12 at night btw Sandy strolls right into the garage while its shutting, terrifying Julie. Lame. He warns her that herself, Hillary and Vincent need to make an effort to go back to normal or else.
Bc he is NOT impressed. At all.
Well don't fkn murder someone and then tell your friends idiot.
Anyway at school the next day Julie learns that Sandy also threatened Vincent and Hillary over the phone and in person respectively.
Later after school Hillary gets into fisticuffs with Taylor about the situation and if I wasn't gay I'm sure I'd be semi turned on.
Julie manages to break the fight up and Taylor vomits everywhere before running off.
After the altercation, Hillary is super determined to tell the police Sandy's secret. In fact she'll do it tonight when she gets home! Uh oh. Hillary's gonna start some drama. But we don't want no drama. No no drama. No no no no drama.
Ok sorry.
Naturally Julie tries to keep Hillary from spilling the beans.
She succeeds, and instead Hillary asks Julie to drop her off at Sandy's so she can talk him into going to the police himself. Julie obeys and drives off home, as per Hillary's wishes, with a feeling of dread.
You've sent your best friend to a killer's house by herself to try to convince him to turn himself in. Nice one Julie!
Julie drives home, and cue the inevitable monologue about how she hates living on Fear Street and how all her friends tease her about it. Which friends would they be Julie bc this is the first I've heard of your street address!
Julie is super worried when she gets home and Hillary hasn't called. Hunni it's been 3 minutes settle down.
But the only phone call that comes before dinner time is Hillary's mum asking if Julie knows where her daughter is. Uh oh.
Hillary finally rings at like 7 and confesses to killing Sandy ad asks Julie to come over. Julie races over like there's no tomorrow!
When she arrives, Taylor and Vincent are also there, and Hillary informs her they don't know the news yet.
Hillary sits them all down and tells them how she went to Sandy's after school and told him to go to the police, threatening to do it herself if he didn't obey.
Well sandy didn't like that and picked up a small sculpture so he could bash poor Hillary's head in! But Hillary was fast and grabbed for the sculpture! Ooh so intense! They struggled for a bit before the sculpture dropped onto Sandy's neck, seemingly cutting something vital bc there was sooo000OOoOoOo much blood!
Oh no! Hillary is going to turn herself in right now but she just wanted her friends to know first. #friendshipgoals AM I RIGHT?!
Taylor is super upset and dives into a confession of her own. SHE was the one who really killed Al! WHAT! Those plot twists. Damn you R.L.!
Apparently she was seeing Al behind Sandy's back a while ago (slut), she likes dangerous guys she reckons (slut!) and she ended up stealing money from her parents for him.
He used this act of kindness to blackmail her endlessly until the night at the rink when she refused to give him more and he got a bit rough.
She strangled him with her skates and then told Sandy everything, who was kind enough to confess to the murder for his cheating slut girlfriend. Cuuuute.
Then the doorbell rings.
Is it the police?!?
No it's another plot twist! Hillary answers the door only for SANDY HIMSELF TO WALK IN!
It was all an elaborate plan between Sandy and Hillary to force Taylor to confess! #Friendshipgoals again!
The book ends 2 weeks later with one last confession. It's just Vincent confessing to Julie a crush he's had on her since third grade! Woo00000Ooo0OOooOoOw. Lame.

Ok so I'm annoyed that we don't find out what happens to Taylor. They call her parents but don't mention anything further. Do the police get involved? Who knows! Apparently it doesn't matter, because Julie and Vincent end up together! Coooooooool.
This wasn't as good as I remember it being sadly.
5 murderous ice skates out of 10!

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