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Nightmare Hall #5 - The Scream Team

Back to Salem University with this next one!
Opening the cover to this one you see a cheerleader sprawled out on the floor surrounded by tufts of smoke! I love it! :')

The series also continues to have some of the fugliest names ever and I sincerely hope no one is called these in real life.

Meet our characters, accompanied by some select quotes that give a sense of their personality!
Delle - "not a quitter" "I don't smoke I tell you!"
Mojo - "you can breathe now" "go away, poison breath" "why so glum, chum?"
Greg - "I do my best kissing in the dark" (mmmmmm yummy. I'm turned on.)
Joy - "I'm sore and sorry to say it is not in all the right places" (ok slut)
Coach Truite - "Don't get smart with me!" "YOU!"
Marla - "do you know who I am?"
Rory - he's boring so he gets NOTHING. NOTHING!.
Jennifer - "It's a good thing I have more than one crutch"
Susan - "I was asleep" "bananas aren't a vegetable"
Charles - "it's not how good you are, it's who you know"

The book begins with a prologue where an unknown person is watching a recording of a cheerleading competition, thinking about what happened to the junior varsity team from Salem who had all died, while SNIFFING a blood soaked pom pom and practically orgasming. Freak.
Ok so new cheerleading try outs are being held, and it's it weeklong ordeal. All candidates are staying in Abbey House for the remainder of the try outs, and despite everyone arriving last night, Delle had only met them all this morning at 6am, an hour before the beginning of the try outs.
Rustling them up in a line, the coach announces that 2 original members of the junior varsity squad will be returning (so they're not all dead? Or ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS OOOOOH) and there will be six of these candidates will be joining them! Exciting!
Bring it on! (Get it ;) ).
Coach introduces co captains Marla and Rory, and Jennifer, who'll be helping with the try outs, all of them from the former Salem team.
Delle notes that something doesn't seem right about this.
At the end of the day the potential cheerleaders are resting in the lounge of Abbey Hall when Marla strolls in and announces why new members of the team needed to be picked and these two were the default captains.
It's bc practically all of the old junior varsity team had been killed in a freak bus accident on the way home from cheerleader camp!
All except Marla who'd gotten sick and left early, Jennifer who was thrown clear of the accident and somehow survived, and Rory, who had gotten a ride with a friend. Marla acts very suss about Rory and you can tell they don't like eachother.
Delle thinks Rory is perf though, so I bet he's really hawt! Yum!
Marla finishes her speech by implying that the former team may have been murdered bc it couldn't be ruled out that the brakes were tampered with , which Rory is super defensive about. Truite appears and orders the group to bed, it's nearly lights out!
On the way to their rooms Delle meets Mojo, who believes in ghosts and the supernatural (apparently she picks up vibrations) and informs Delle about the Lady in Red, a woman who perished at the school when the gym burnt down almost a century ago and now haunts it.
Apparently, before the bus crash, people saw the ghost inside Peabody Gym (yes that's what the school gym is called). Spooky! Delle doesn't believe though! Of course she doesn't!
Delle goes to sleep and wakes up to a fire in her room! And the Lady in Red is there!!!!!!!! She disappears however, and Delle finds that she can't open the door. Uh oh.
Suddenly Marla bursts in extinguishes the fire, followed by literally everyone else, including Coach Truite who accuses Delle of smoking when she finds a cigarette butt and a newspaper in the now burned trash can. But Delle doesn't smoke! She mentions the figure she saw in her room and that's wen Jennifer pipes up on her crutches, announcing that the Lady in Red is trying to warn them! The cheerleaders will die!
I bet it's just Marla being a cunt but ok.
Everyone goes back to bed while Mojo and a boy named Greg help Delle clean up. Delle instantly falls in love with Greg and forgets all about Rory. Slut!
Mojo mentions Susan (she was touched on in the book before, but she went straight to bed bc she was so tired so I didn't bother mentioning it), who's room is next to Delle's, finding t weird she didn't wake up throughout the whole ordeal despite the fire alarms and everything.
Greg fills Delle in more about the Lady in Red, who'd been a cheerleader orchestrating a routine involving a hoop of fire with the squad. The fire had gotten out of control and everyone managed to escape except her. Oh Greg just kiss her already!
The next morning at practice Delle an Mojo are greeted by Joy, who thinks Greg is super sexy too! Hehe!
Marla continues to be a bitch at practice, and Rory is filming the whole thing for "training purposes" and for his film class project but I bet he just wants something to beat his meat to. You go Rory!
Jennifer is super helpful, offering tips and advice to the group. Thanks Jen!
She confesses to Delle that Marla feels threatened by Delle which is why she's such an ass.
Apparently last year she was furious she wasn't elected Captain and set out to cause trouble among the squad. I take this to be a subtle hint that MARLA MURDERED THE OLD SQUAD!
Anyway Delle and Mojo are almost crushed by the falling backboard of a basketball ring in Peabody Gym, but saved bc of a shriek that only Delle seemed to hear, which alerted her to instinctively grab Mojo and move to safety.
Mojo is all like "how did u no" but Delle has no answer, and Mojo suggests she's jinxed.
After practice Susan introduces herself to the Delle and the others, announcing she only heard about the fire that morning. She's a heavy sleeper apparently. Yeah right Susan!
A boy named Charles suggests that someone is so set on making the team that they're trying to scare everyone else off!
Greg approaches and the group makes plans to gather everyone and head into town for a fun night out. Gee willikers that sounds swell!
They go to Vinnie's, the local pizza hang out. And that slut Joy is clinging on to Greg for dear life. Uh oh, competition!
Delle notices Rory is super protective over Jennifer, and she learns that Jennifer and her crutches don't remember the accident. Rory seems intent on keeping it that way to the point where Delle questions that maybe he's not trying to protect Jennifer from the trauma but trying to protect a murderous secret! Not sure if Delle or super sleuth Nancy Drew!
Marla and Charles come over and Marla's a cow and Charles a really bitter person so we hate them.
It's made clear that Marla is encouraging the coach on who to choose for the team (even though they're assisting with try outs not judging, says Rory), and she wants Charles! And probably not Delle! Cunt.
Rory wants to talk to Marla but she's all "get your hands off me!" Bc she's a bitch and Delle ends up walking back to campus alone bc she can't find Mojo or Greg. :'(
Oh shit shaniqua! Naturally she goes to investigate inside the gym and she sees the Lady in Red floating by the windows! Then DEATH grabs her! But it's just Greg who decided to follow her when she walked past him at the student centre. He turns on the lights and the Lady in Red disappears, and they find no trace of a ladder or rope or anything that could identify the whole thing as an elaborate prank.
He turns the lights off again and they have a make out sesh before being interrupted by Coach Truite, Marla and Rory who orders them back to the dorm.
The pair doesn't confess what they saw, proposing that if they don't mention it then the Lady in Red will strike again and they can catch whoever is responsible. Am I reading Scooby do right now? "Old man Jenkins!" Ok.
The next day before dismissing them for lunch Truite gives a big as speech threatening to disqualify anyone who talked about ghosts again.
At lunch, we find out that Joy Hayes vegetables, except carrots and zucchinis and cucumbers... And bananas. (Bananas Joy, really? Hunniiiiiiiiii). Notice how they're all shaped like penises? Joy is a cock hungry slapper but I love her nonetheless!
Joy brings up Delle's little tryst in the gym with Greg and Delle assumes Marla told everyone and she's super embarrassed hehe.
As practice continues, Delle is failing to do a type of flip, using a harness to practice, spotted by Mojo and a boy named Peter, when Truite comes over and chastises her for not being able to do it.
Peter wants a shot, despite Mojo protesting that Delle should practice more (is Mojo the killer?) and the harness comes loose when he flips and he lands at an awkward angle on the ground.
He survives and is taken to the hospital. Luckyyyyy!
That night Greg and Delle sneak out to the gym to investigate, where they notice a catwalk leading to a trapdoor in the roof. Before that can suss it out further, Coach Truite enters the gym so they have to hide. After she leaves they return to their rooms, but not before one cheeky kiss, hehe!
After practice the next day Delle is returning to her room when Susan bursts from her own one like a crazy person muttering about someone being in there. Nancy Drew I mean Delle investigated and finds a beheaded doll in a cheerleading uniform with a threatening note attached. Spooky!
Susan begs Delle not to tell Coach bc she thinks it will ruin her chance of getting on the team. And it probably is.
But right now Susan is super suss to me and I think she's the killer. Maybe. Idk.
They get Mojo to get rid of it bc they're too scared but when mojo sees it she freaks out, like she's been around a beheading before. Susssss!
When they return to the room after calming down, the doll and the note are gone!
Now it's the night before practice and while in bed, Delle wakes up to footprints above her on the third floor, which is suppose to be empty.
Naturally she goes to investigate, alone, where she's knocked unconscious only to be revived later by Susan who'd come to investigate herself.
They find Jennifer Li sprawled out on the floor further up; one of her crutches is broken, an earring has been ripped out and she has a bruise behind her ear, but otherwise she's fine!
She tells the girls they must get out of there before SHE comes back! Then the trio retreats to Jennifer's room where Jennifer begins explaining.
She'd gotten a note from what she thought was Rory to meet her up there, and was knocked out similar to Delle, by none other than the Lady in Red! Boring. I thought this was the big reveal!
Anyway Delle gets barely any sleep and goes to try outs the next morning. It's a big school affair, with a crowded audience watching the whole thing.
Finally the new team is revealed, and of course Delle, Mojo, Joy and Greg are all on it, while Susan and the ever so bitter Charles are alternatives. That night the new team is introduced to the school at a memorial for the team that had perished over the summer. Again the gym is crowded. Mojo begins to smell smoke and a fire is noticed on the far wall, sending everyone into a panic. But the doors are locked! Everyone is locked in!!!!!!!
And standing on the catwalk above the flames is COACH TRUITE!!
Delle and Greg dash up the bleachers to try reason with her, and Truite tells her plan of revenge. Her brother was one of the cheerleaders that died in the bus crash. Of course he was. So now she hates all cheerleaders and needed to get her revenge! She's about to push Greg off the catwalk when the Lady in Red appears and pushes Truite off into the flames instead!
Firemen and police and ambulances arrive and everyone is saved from the burning gym, as Delle realises the appearances of the Lady in Red was a warning to Delle, trying to save her life! Cute! The end!

This could have been way better and the ending seemed super rushed but I have to give props bc I didn't guess the killer at all, and it wasn't that bad a read.

4 penis shaped vegetable loving Joy's out of 9!

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